No faculty, no students.

What is the point in telling the students of 14 state universities to attend class if they know their professor won’t be there?

Sure the schools would be “open”, but no learning would be happening.

Today was the start of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties’ (APSCUF) strike against the Pennsylvania State System of Higher education (PASSHE).

As one of the 110,000 students at a PASSHE university this affects my education greatly. But I will stand in solidarity with my educators.

Last night, during the final countdown prior to the declared strike, Chancellor Brogan and the rest of PASSHE board of governors decided it was more imperative for them to get a good nights sleep rather than to negotiate with the APSCUF and prevent the strike from happening.

I thought it was the goal of an organization such as the PASSHE to help educate the people of Pennsylvania (and outsiders like me). But all they seem to want to do is prolong their negotiations and bargaining and prevent the students from the education they are paying for and deserve. The PASSHE hashtag is #infiniteopportunities. As far as I’m concerned they are not allowing for any opportunities. If they can’t give the educators what they deserve, how are they supposed to give the students the education we deserve?

It is my hope that Chancellor Brogan is able to come to negotiate with our educators so we can all get back to the classroom. Mr. Brogan, you cannot put students first if you put the educators last. When the PASSHE starts treating higher education as a priority rather than a profit, we will be able to move forward.


To the faculty who have boldly and proudly taken a stand against PASSHE:

Thank you for all you do on a daily basis for not only myself but all 100,000 students throughout all 14 universities. I stand in solidarity with my professors and all educators here at Cal U and all educators throughout the PASSHE. I am #withAPSCUF. Please continue to fight for what you truly deserve. Myself and many other students at PASSHE universities will continue to stand and fight with you.